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Finally a solution to your weight gain and toning problems that many of your neighbours in Walsall, Cannock & Sutton Coldfield felt the same before starting our confidence boosting body transforming program!

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REGARDLESS of where you are starting from – our 28 day UNLIMITED session’s with a Personal Trainer in Walsall Cannock or Sutton Coldfield & Undivided Attention To Your Nutrition Will Help You Achieve The Body of Your Dreams in 4 Short Weeks!


You’ve done the diets, been tempted by magic pills, quick fixes and felt so tired and frustrated that you felt the best course for action would by to stop eating all together!

But – you enjoy food, and you can’t do pushups to save your life!

Fear not – We’re the guy’s that will take care of all of this for you – REGARDLESS of where you are starting from.

We’ve been helping many ladies & gentlemen in the Walsall, Cannock and Sutton Coldfield area lose as much as 1-2 stone in as little as 28 days – but before finding Fat Burner Boot Camp – they were tired and frustrated looking for an answer that they began to look at drastic answers such as magic pills and starvation diets!

Thankfully, they found this page!

Now let’s see if this if for YOU…


  • Ladies and Gents that want to look and feel years younger
  • You want every dress you buy to sit nicely on your slimmer sexier toned body (fellas too)
  • You’ll make new & supportive friends
  • No more guess work!
  • YOU will LOSE MORE WEIGHT, HAVE MORE FUN and have LESS frustration and unhappiness
  • This is for anyone thats ever felt down, depressed and un-sexy in their appearance


  • Wannabe Athletes that want to punish themselves and their body in brutal and dangerous workouts!
  • Aloe vera and skinny shake junkies or anyone looking for a magic pill
  • People who want the truth sugar coated


  • Weekly Individualised Meal Plans, Recipes & Shopping List
  • Fortnightly Diet Club To Educate You On Nutrition/Training/Recovery
  • Unlimited Weekly Sessions with a Personal Trainer
  • Fat Burner Cookbooks and snack recipes
  • Stubborn Body Fat Targeting Guide (love handles/ bingo wings/ bra fat/ belly pouch/ cellulite)
  • Online Accountability Group for support and to share your experience


  • You attend a minimum of 3 workouts per week
  • You can attend as many times as your like at any location
  • Follow the easy to follow and customise meal plans, cookbook, shopping lists
  • Interact via our members only site
  • Have fun, make friends
  • Lose the weight
  • Get more sex appeal
  • Gain more confidence
  • in less time!


If this weight loss thing is important to you… Don’t delay any longer, get in touch Today!

Watch Debbie’s Story

Jade lost  1 stone 6lbs

Laura 22lbs lighter!

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Monday – Wednesday – Friday
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Monday – Wednesday – Friday
7:00am – 9:30am – 7:00pm
& Saturday

Sutton Coldfield

Monday – Wednesday – Friday
9:30am – 7:00pm
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Mom Marie Toned Her Tummy

Steve swapped moobs and belly for pecs and abs

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Meet our Personal Trainers

wilsonphotoPaul Wilson, voted most loved personal trainer 2014 by the bestof founded the company to deliver world class nutrition and personal training at a fraction of the cost. Since appearing on channel 4′s embarassing bodies and hosting an episode on BBC’s Inside Out show , personal trainer Paul has helped transform and inspire Walsall with his group personal training and bootcamp program.

Paul’s passion is taking someone who is scared of the whole idea of having a personal trainer and starting an exercise program, whose feeling fed up and frustrated with trying to lose weight, and then helping them achieve their dream body with my lose 1 stone and 1-2 clothes sizes in 28 day guarantee!

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stuphotoStuart Degville is a former overweight factory worker that transformed his life at Bootcamp.

After being quite fit in his late teens, he started to pile the pounds on when work and relationships started to take over.

Now in his early 30s Stuart has transformed his life by shedding 3 and a half stone and keeping it off.

Stuart joined the Fat Burner Bootcamp Coaching Team in April 2012 and starting the Cannock camp, and in 2 yrs has helped 100s of people to lose weight, and get fit and healthy.

If anyone knows exactly what it feels like to have tried everything and feel like you’re going round in circles then its this guy!

Stuart says “Bootcamp is the only thing that I’ve ever stuck too for any period of time and maintained results, but it so much more than weight loss, being a part of such a great community of people should not ever be underestimated, the support from fellow campers was critical on my quest to get my body and my life back”

Hey, if this guy can do it, then you can too ;)

Find out more about Coach Deggers here

mariaphotoSutton Coldfield personal trainer, Maria Golding is taking the community of Sutton Coldfield and shaping them up….inside and out!

Maria started her journey as a Boot Camper, so knows EXACTLY what is needed to get you into the best shape of your lives! Her devotion and passion to helping people get results, led her to become, The PT to go to in Sutton Coldfield, for those serious about losing weight and changing their body!

The fantastic Healthy Eating Plan and Detox, plus the unbeatable training programme, will leave you feeling amazing….PLUS, in 28 days you can be up to 1 stone lighter and between 1-2 clothes sizes smaller!

Bootcamp is my life, not just a job! To be able to help, person after person, realise and achieve their goals, is truly amazing!

Time after time, I get told, “I wish I joined earlier”. Well, it’s up to you! I’ve got all the tools needed….you just need to accept that you want to do this, get in touch and get started! We will then do this…TOGETHER!