Discover How You Can Lose Up To 1 Stone & 1-2 Clothes Sizes In The Next 28 Days…. Without Having To Rely On Strict Willpower, Or Hours In The Gym!

People in Walsall, Cannock and Sutton Coldfield have been using this well-kept secret to lose their weight and tone up.

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Reach your ideal weight faster! Without ever having to start all over again! Up to 1 stone slimmer in the next 28 days

Why Choose The 28 DAY CHALLENGE

Although there are many weight loss options in town to choose from, THE 28 DAY BOOT CAMP CHALLENGE is the only one that takes-you-by-the-hand and shows you exactly what to do to eliminate the sugar cravings and the urges to eat the foods that prevent you from the results you want from all the hard workouts you’ve been putting in!

When you take into consideration how effective competitive weight loss television shows are, it is clear that challenges like this are among the most effective weight to lose weight.

As well as human natures shows how we can be competitive to be the best, having others alongside you in the same position provides encouragement and support while at the same time challenging each other to progress – The MOTIVATION this provides is PRICESLESS!

And with motivation being the biggest factor in getting started and sticking to a program, this is were this 21 day sugar detox challenges separates itself from your typical turn up when you like exercise or diet class.

What’s more, RESULTS or up to 1 stone in the next 21 days are guaranteed or DOUBLE YOUR MONEY BACK!

Starts This Monday 30th March

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  • Unlimited Workouts
  • Meal Plans
  • Print & Go Shopping List
  • Burn Fat, Build Muscle, Look Great!
Take The Next Challenge1 stone lighter before Saturday 20th Dec

Real People, REAL RESULTS!

The wealth of knowledge I’ve gained from Paul couldn’t be achieved from anywhere else – and it’s personal to each of us at camp… And I must say .. I’m feeling god dam good lately with the proudest family ever and of course looking rather hot with it (so the boyfriend tells me!) – Oh ye, confidence may be on an overload but that can only be a good thing right! Everyone needs to experience this… Everyone needs to take a leap of faith like I did because there is only rewards at the end of it and nobody will do it for you – You need to just do it! ;)

Debron Hill

Easy To Start And Easy To Stick Too…

THE 28 DAY BOOT CAMP CHALLENGE requires minimal thinking for the participant. We totally respect your time is precious and you’d rather spend it with your children, family and friends than be spending hours in the gym, or the years of studying to figure out the ultimate proven fat loss program.

So we’ve prepared your workouts each week and done-for-you meal plans and shopping lists you can Print & Go!

This save’s you the time having to learn about nutrition and training – you’ll learn that as you’re losing the weight and toning up!

Starts This Monday 30th March

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  • Unlimited Workouts
  • Meal Plans
  • Print & Go Shopping List
  • Burn Fat, Build Muscle, Look Great!
Take The Next Challenge1 stone lighter before Saturday 20th Dec

Real People, REAL RESULTS!

I know I wouldn’t of achieved these results without Paul and the team at camp and as he says to me all the time ‘nobody says it was going to be easy’ but it is defiantly worth the results. This camp is for anybody regardless of weight, shape, size age or fitness and that’s why it works. I will never go back to the size or the way I was living my life before and this is all down to the experience, knowledge and passion Paul has for helping others achieve there best. Nobody should hesitate to join Bootcamp, it will only change you for the best!

Laura Robertson

3 Locations, or Take Part Online

Attend any location, any time as many times as you like, as a member you gain full flexibility and unlimited access to all our workouts and locations.

Walsall Boot Camp

Monday – Wednesday – Friday – 6:15am, 7:00am, 9:45am, 7:30pm & Saturday at 7:00am

Held at: Aldridge Airport, WS9 0GG

Cannock Boot Camp

Monday – Wednesday – Friday – 7:00am, 9:30am, 7:00pm & Saturday at 9:00am

Held at: Heath Hayes Park

Sutton Boot Camp

Monday – Wednesday – Friday – 9:30am, 7:00pm & Tuesday – Thursday at 6:00pm & Saturday at 9:00am

Held at: Rectory Park

Take Part Online

From anywhere in the world, gain access to the nutrition program, and online workouts to complete. Click here to take part online

  • Unlimited Workouts
  • Meal Plans
  • Print & Go Shopping List
  • Burn Fat, Build Muscle, Look Great!
Take The Next ChallengeBe 1 Stone Lighter in 28 Days

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Over 16,000 recipes to choose from

In addition to your 28 day nutrition plan, we will be providing you with weekly recipes to inspire you as well as access to 16,000 recipes that you can customise into meal plans that suit your dietary preferences because we understand that tastes and choices will determine if you are going to enjoy and stick to the plan.

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Take The 28 Day Challenge for as little as £99 Today!

Take The Next ChallengeBe 1 Stone Lighter in 4 Weeks!

More Weight Loss, More Compliments, More Confidence and in Less Time With Less Cravings!

Frequently Asked Questions about our 28 Day Challenge

How many times do I have to attend to see results?

Attend a minimum of 3 workouts each week for best results. Attend as many sessions as you like, as a member you will have unlimited sessions with your personal trainer.

Can I mix and match the times?

YES – you are never locked in to a certain time. Although we advise you commit to making a routine time slot into your lifestyle, you also have the flexibility to attend any session, at any of our locations.

Can I attend if i’m really unfit?

YES – if you have the will see will show you the way. We have helped people as heavy at 26 stone complete our 28 day challenge and its possible for any one to complete regardless of being unfit, because we start all our programs on a start date so we are able to progress you throughout the 28 days so there is no dropping you into the deep end like these pay as you go, turn up when you like, start whenever you like classes you see.

I’m nervous about meeting new people, will I fit in?

YES – At Fat Burner Boot Camp we love working out in a team environment because everyone comes together with the same goal, doing the same workout, however there is no need to feel shy or worry about fitting into the group. Just turn up and workout, thats what its about and we will make you feel welcome from your first day.

I’m a fussy eater, will the nutrition plan be ok for me?

YES – we cater for lots of diets requirements including vegetarians and vegans. Our nutrition software has over 16,000 recipes for you to choose from as well as cookbooks you will be able to download and gain access to the moment you join up.

How To Get Started

The 28 Day Boot Camp Challenge Starts on Monday 30th March

Click the “Get The 28 Day Plan” button to get started.

Take The Next ChallengeBe 1 Stone Lighter in 4 Weeks!

Meet our Personal Trainers

wilsonphotoPaul Wilson, voted most loved personal trainer 2014 by the bestof founded the company to deliver world class nutrition and personal training at a fraction of the cost. Since appearing on channel 4′s embarassing bodies and hosting an episode on BBC’s Inside Out show , personal trainer Paul has helped transform and inspire Walsall with his group personal training and bootcamp program.

Paul’s passion is taking someone who is scared of the whole idea of having a personal trainer and starting an exercise program, whose feeling fed up and frustrated with trying to lose weight, and then helping them achieve their dream body with my lose 1 stone and 1-2 clothes sizes in 28 day guarantee!

To start receiving Paul’s famous daily emails, click here to subscribe and turn your email inbox into your no.1 weight loss resource from Walsall’s leading Personal Trainer

stuphotoStuart Degville is a former overweight factory worker that transformed his life at Bootcamp.

After being quite fit in his late teens, he started to pile the pounds on when work and relationships started to take over.

Now in his early 30s Stuart has transformed his life by shedding 3 and a half stone and keeping it off.

Stuart joined the Fat Burner Bootcamp Coaching Team in April 2012 and starting the Cannock camp, and in 2 yrs has helped 100s of people to lose weight, and get fit and healthy.

If anyone knows exactly what it feels like to have tried everything and feel like you’re going round in circles then its this guy!

Stuart says “Bootcamp is the only thing that I’ve ever stuck too for any period of time and maintained results, but it so much more than weight loss, being a part of such a great community of people should not ever be underestimated, the support from fellow campers was critical on my quest to get my body and my life back”

Hey, if this guy can do it, then you can too ;)

Find out more about Coach Deggers here

mariaphotoSutton Coldfield personal trainer, Maria Golding is taking the community of Sutton Coldfield and shaping them up….inside and out!

Maria started her journey as a Boot Camper, so knows EXACTLY what is needed to get you into the best shape of your lives! Her devotion and passion to helping people get results, led her to become, The PT to go to in Sutton Coldfield, for those serious about losing weight and changing their body!

The fantastic Healthy Eating Plan and Detox, plus the unbeatable training programme, will leave you feeling amazing….PLUS, in 28 days you can be up to 1 stone lighter and between 1-2 clothes sizes smaller!

Bootcamp is my life, not just a job! To be able to help, person after person, realise and achieve their goals, is truly amazing!

Time after time, I get told, “I wish I joined earlier”. Well, it’s up to you! I’ve got all the tools needed….you just need to accept that you want to do this, get in touch and get started! We will then do this…TOGETHER!